Jean G.

Jean G. - They often tell us the new spa is the reason they joined the Swim and Croquet Club.

I am pleased to write a letter on behalf on Backyard Oasis Pools.  From the day that we began work with Vance and his team until the completion of the spa project at  the Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club we were pleased with the careful planning, engineering and installation of the project.

We replaced a twenty-five year old spa that was always in need of repair and clearly  not functioning for our purposes.  A larger more energy efficient unit was installed with significantly improved performance.  We have a deeper tub, with stronger jets,  comfortable seating and designed in such a manner so that there is easy access to the internal mechanics for maintenance and repair.

Throughout the entire construction process Vance, Sean, David and Scott worked patiently with us explaining  each step of the building plan and the reasons for every design feature.  We appreciated the time that they took to educate and inform the Swim and Croquet Board  as the  spa was being constructed.

The design of the spa provides for a wide platform and room for club members to enjoy the hot tub and a quiet place to read.  Club members repeatedly comment favorably  about the beautiful new facility and how pleased they are to have this amenity available to them.   They often tell us that the new spa is the reason they have joined the Swim and Croquet Club.

Thanks to the entire team at Backyard Oasis Pools for a job well done.  We are always delighted to show our new facility to anyone who wishes to make a trip to Fearrington.
Jean G.
Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club
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