BYO Design Options

You might notice that each of our Backyard Oasis Pools have unique shapes and features. A lot of the time, shapes of pools and features are designed to fit each backyard’s landscape. There are a variety of options that can be designed to fit your aesthetic desires, as well as accommodate your backyard. Explore the options below to get your […]

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Make a Statement with Water Features

Backyard Oasis prides itself on creating powerful and effective water-oriented statements for our pools. Below is a list of some of the water features we incorporate into the designs of our pools to give our backyard and commercial pools additional aesthetic appeal and functionality.  Waterfalls A very popular feature with lots of design flexibility. We can customize the size and [...] Read More

The Backyard Oasis Process

There are many questions people have when deciding on building a pool. The most common first questions usually focus on the process and timeline. We have written this small guide to answer that question for the Backyard Oasis process. Our process is based on three things: imagine, design and build. The first step comes from our client themselves. They have [...] Read More

Get Organized By The Pool

Owning a pool can lead to accumulating a lot of pool accessories. We have compiled a list of ideas for organization around your pool area to keep things neat and tidy. We have used some inspiration from some other blogger sources and included some links of where you can purchase some of these items. Storage Shelf This shelf is a […]

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Memorial Day Pool Party Inspiration

With Memorial Day right around the corner, what better way to plan to spend your weekend than in your backyard oasis! We have gathered some inexpensive decoration ideas from Amazon to inspire your perfect day or evening of backyard entertainment.   Patriotic Pillow Set - This set of 4 patriotic pillow set is perfect for indoor or outdoor   Eagle [...] Read More
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