commercial14_page-sizeSince the 1990s, Backyard Oasis Pools is proud to have played a role in the design and creation of numerous community and public swimming pools for residential communities, fitness centers, resorts, hotels, entertainment complexes and more.  For over a decade, we’ve earned a reputation for our expertise, professionalism and our 100% commitment to customer satisfaction.

Here is a small sample of the feedback we’ve received from developers, contractors, builders, residential communities, corporations and other organizations we’ve had the pleasure of working with.  (Click here to see feedback from some of our residential pool clients.

Mike M. – Nothing but KUDOS from our homeowners. The final outcome is sheer perfection.

Nothing but KUDOS from our homeowners.  During our experience with Backyard Oasis Pools, I worked with Sean and Vance to develop a pool design that would meet the varied requirements of a 200 family community on a very limited site.  The final outcome is shear perfection.  The pool was designed to allow for swimming lanes, the same area can be used for water volleyball.  On one side there is a built-in, submerged bench for spectators.  On the other side is a “sun shelf” which also doubles as a toddler pool and functions as a grand entrance into the pool.   I have heard nothing but compliments from our homeowners.  Our sales team has told me that now that it’s finished, it is a great draw for potential home buyers and will contribute greatly to successful completion of future sales in the community.
We had a deadline of opening by the Memorial Day weekend and with the efforts of Backyard Oasis Pools, we made it.  They not only completed the construction but were instrumental in making sure that all of the other contractors on the site were aware of the special regulations required for a pool and were a great help with obtaining final approval and permission to operate from the health dept.  The day that our final inspection was scheduled, a tremendous storm struck the area.  This was a Friday afternoon and we had to call the inspection due to weather.  Vance, with Backyard Oasis Pools, convinced the inspector to return to the site the next day, a Saturday, and complete the inspection.  This was done and we had approval to operate that day.  I will definitely invite BYO to participate in the next pool project we undertake.
Mike M.
M/I Homes of Raleigh
Silver Lake Townhomes

Joel P. – Timely, professional and knowledgeable. I can’t imagine a more prepared group.

Timely, professional and knowledgeable.  I can’t imagine a more prepared group.
I want to thank the entire crew at Backyard Oasis for the fine job on the pool at Hawthorne.  From our initial meeting through start-up, your people were timely, professional and extremely knowledgeable.  I can’t imagine working with a more prepared group of people.
As with any project, the recreation center involved a number of subcontractors.  As I think I mentioned to you, Backyard Oasis was the one group I didn’t worry about, and the way you handled the minor hiccups along the way reinforced my confidence.  Congratulations on developing a fine organization.
please feel free to use Panera Development and the Hawthorne Subdivision as a reference.  if there were more contractors like you out there, my job would be a lot easier.
Joel P.
Panera Development, LLC
Creedmoor, NC

Jean G. – They often tell us the new spa is the reason they joined the Swim and Croquet Club.

I am pleased to write a letter on behalf on Backyard Oasis Pools.  From the day that we began work with Vance and his team until the completion of the spa project at  the Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club we were pleased with the careful planning, engineering and installation of the project.
We replaced a twenty-five year old spa that was always in need of repair and clearly  not functioning for our purposes.  A larger more energy efficient unit was installed with significantly improved performance.  We have a deeper tub, with stronger jets,  comfortable seating and designed in such a manner so that there is easy access to the internal mechanics for maintenance and repair.
Throughout the entire construction process Vance, Sean, David and Scott worked patiently with us explaining  each step of the building plan and the reasons for every design feature.  We appreciated the time that they took to educate and inform the Swim and Croquet Board  as the  spa was being constructed.
The design of the spa provides for a wide platform and room for club members to enjoy the hot tub and a quiet place to read.  Club members repeatedly comment favorably  about the beautiful new facility and how pleased they are to have this amenity available to them.   They often tell us that the new spa is the reason they have joined the Swim and Croquet Club.
Thanks to the entire team at Backyard Oasis Pools for a job well done.  We are always delighted to show our new facility to anyone who wishes to make a trip to Fearrington.
Jean G.
Fearrington Swim and Croquet Club

Backyard Oasis Pools