Get Organized By The Pool

Owning a pool can lead to accumulating a lot of pool accessories. We have compiled a list of ideas for organization around your pool area to keep things neat and tidy.

We have used some inspiration from some other blogger sources and included some links of where you can purchase some of these items.

Storage Shelf

This shelf is a super simple DIY idea that can serve the purpose of organizing all those pool and backyard toys. All that is needed is wire shelf and storage tubs that can be found at your local dollar store in allshapes and colors. These labels were made with a cutting machine, but there are a variety of other ways you could choose to label the containers.

Photo & Tip: Domestic Charm


Storage Planters

Planters are great to keep around the pool for storage of shoes, beach towels, pool toys, or even as a ice tub to keep drinks cool! With the many options available at stores and online, you can get many differentsizes and designs to go along with your landscaping.

Photo & Tip: Ballard Designs


Rolling Storage

This rolling storage container is ideal for all the larger pool floats. This rolling unit will keep your floating devices organized and will help them dry after use. The compact and rolling design allows for easingstowing away in a closet or storage room. .


Hanging Baskets

This quick storage idea is perfect for those who host large groups of kids at the pool. By hanging baskets around a fence, kids are able to keep up with all their goggles and toys by placing them in a basket to dry after use. This hack can be done by getting bins with holes from the dollar store and tying them onto a fence. When the event is over the bins can quickly be removed.

Photo & Tip: Strong Armor

If you do not have your own “backyard oasis” to organize, contact us to discuss how we can make your dream a reality while the summer weather is still here.

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