At Backyard Oasis Pools, we also keep a close eye on the latest innovations in our industry.  There are some amazing new products that hit the market every year.  We monitor the hottest trends and the “must have” items that can make your pool experience even more enjoyable.  Among the new products we’ll be happy to tell you more about are …

Pool Safety Cam  (Pool Watch Dog) — monitor the activities happening in your pool, even when you’re not there.

Pool Covers — From solar blankets to safety covers and fitted sizes for your pool, spa or water feature, Backyard Oasis Pools can give your pool the protection is deserves.

Maintenance Pool Tools — Robotic cleaners, automatic cleaners and specialized leaf & silt nets can play a key role in keeping your pools clean and operating effectively.

Pool Sports Toys — We can provide you with a full line of fun, with basketball hoops, volleyball nets and lots more.

We encourage you to bookmark this page on our website, as we’ll continue to add more information and links to product providers you’re sure to be interested in.  Any time you’d like “service after the first splash” please be sure to call on Backyard Oasis Pools.  We’re happy to be of service, whether we created your pool originally or are simply a resource to help you get the most out of it.

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