The Backyard Oasis Process

There are many questions people have when deciding on building a pool. The most common first questions usually focus on the process and timeline. We have written this small guide to answer that question for the Backyard Oasis process.

Our process is based on three things: imagine, design and build. The first step comes from our client themselves. They have a dream of what they imagine their perfect “backyard oasis” to be. By sitting down for our free consultation, you are able to describe to us your fantasy and we are able to give feedback on how we can achieve that dream. We will recommend styles, architectural elements, landscape features and safety mechanisms.

After hearing your vision, we begin our next step of design. This process involves analyzing the landscape and taking account of the structural considerations of your property. Using our digital tools, we will then create a customized virtual pool. This will give you the best possible visual of what the finished product will look like. A detailed construction construction timeline and estimate will come along with this visual.

After listening to your thoughts and getting the final approval, we get to work. Most clients are eager to know the timeline details before the building has begun. Our average construction time is just over 5 weeks for every pool we build. A good rule of thumb to use when planning a project is one week construction time for every $7,000 of pool cost. In other words, a $28,000 pool should be complete in 4 weeks; a $70,000 will take about 10 weeks. With good planning and design efforts we are able to reduce changes and unexpected delays.

If there are any other additional questions about our process you might have, you can check out our FAQ. If you do not find your answer, or are ready to take that first step in the process, please contact us.  

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